Consultants with a focus on fibre expansion

North Projects

North Projects is a young company working within the telecom industry. With the head office in Gothenburg and project consultants throughout the Nordic region their goal is to contribute to cost-effective fibre expansion in Sweden by delivering secure delivery precision to network owners, operators, municipalities and property owners.


Branding User Experience Design Motion Graphics
Cloud System Architecture Development

We created a new tone of voice and visual identity overhaul. We wanted the brand to acknowledge the swedish heritage. The color palette was chosen to feel earthy and connect to the Swedish ancient forests. Through the use of clear and weighted typography, words become pleasant and easy to read. By naming the company North Projects, we connected the name with its geographical origin.

The people working at North Projects is the key to their success. To acknowlegde this, we potrayed the emplyees in the image tonality.

The rebranding included a complete overhaul of the webpage. Both the functionality and the visual design of the site were updated to reflect the environmental values and herritage of the company.

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